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Like movies? Join my friends and I as we discuss directors, actors, writers, and anything else that connects to movies. Find out the back ground on your favorite blockbusters, or the 'need to watch' cult classics. We explore movies, one movie at a time.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. S3.E4 - Waterworld & Captain Vance Lenney

    Season 3, Episode 4 – “It’s not really that bad”   “Waterworld” and Captain Vance Lenney   1995’s post-apocalyptic action film “Waterworld” starring Kevin Costner (“The Bodyguard”, “Tin Cup”), Dennis Hopper (“Easy Rider”, “Speed”), Jeanne Tripplehorn (“Basic Instinct”, “The Firm”), and Tine Majorino (“Napoleon ...


  2. S3.E3 - St. Vincent & Will Kelly

    Season 3, Episode 3   “St. Vincent” and Will Kelly   2014s Comedy, Drama, “St. Vincent”, starring Bill Murray (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dumb and Dumber to), Melissa McCarthy (Tammy, Spy), and Nami Watts (Birdman, While We’re Young (with Ben Stiller))   Guest: Will Kelly   #StVincent #BillMurray #MelissaMcCarthy #NamiWatts #GMP ...


  3. S3.E2 - Lawless & Mike DeCamilla

    Season 3, Episode 2   “Lawless” and Mike DeCamilla   2012’s American Crime Drama “Lawless” starring Shia LaBeouf (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Fury), Tom Hardy (This Means War, The Dark Knight Rises), and Jessica Chastain (The Help, Zero Dark Thirty).   Guest: Mike DeCamilla   #Lawless #TomHardy #ShiaLaBeouf #JessicaChastain #GMP ...


  4. S3.E1 - "The Pest" & Patti Comeau

    Season 3, Episode 1   “The Pest” and Patti Comeau   1997’s comedy film “The Pest” starring John Leguizamo (Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, Spawn, Ice Age), and Jeffrey Jones (Stay Tuned, Who’s Harry Crumb, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)   Guest: Patti ...


  5. 2021 DFaT Wars - Final Round

    Final Round of the first annual: ~Gutsy Media Podcast presents: DFaT Wars 2021~Competing in Jeopardy style movie trivia, we have teo teams from the Don’t Forget a Towel (DFaT) network of podcasts. With Joaquin and Dave representing team “Insensitive Culture versus Rocco and Dan representing team “CriticalMass Podcast”. Check ...